As Krishna carves His flute


Krishna as you
Carve your flute

My wood breaks,
splinters hurt
The breeze
coming through
Feels like
some storm

This moment
there is no
relation with the
worlds Norm

O Carpenter!
You cry and laugh
And tell me
‘This too shall pass’

Your knife cuts
through every part
Pieces of the past
Are falling apart
As I try to hold on
You say ‘Let Go’

What do I do
With your unstoppable

You make me Full
with a body
that has to be fed
Now tell me how
Can I Live
When I am

I cannot Live anymore
As this Death is
When I am here
and yetΒ I feel am Not

When Gashes are sharp
There is music of
a Harp

Krishna make me
Your Empty Flute

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  1. Awesome! As if you were reading my mind! Hare Krishna!

    1. Thank you.

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