Feet feel free

He taught me
how to walk bare feet

Now my feet
are not just a
decoration piece

Once they only danced
in parties
Now dancing is their way
to Be

They step on earth bare
feel all that wet mud and grit
Loving new textures
and their every bit

The pedicure that
was only in the beauty salon
is now on gravel and stones as well

Water gushing through feet over and under
with fish nibbling heel to toe

In the wild
His love has set me free

Gone are the days
of cringing on grimy floors
Do not need those socks
with floaters anymore

My feet said thanks
A layer of skin they grew
To explore all surfaces
that are new

Touching the grass,
flowers. stones and water
I come closer to me
as though I am my little

My love, he taught me how to walk bare feet.

Now feet feel free

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