The Common Umbrella

Yellows, whites, conversations brewing under the black umbrella. The fragrance drew my footsteps towards the gentlemen.

Mr.Gandhi Raj (former minister of the Congress party) and Mr.Balasundaram (party member of the BJP and retired engineer) sit every evening on this spot which they said is almost ‘reserved’ for them.

As I showed them their photograph, we floated into a cozy chit chat.

They shared how they belong to different political views and religions, yet friendship and fresh air bring them together, each day. Concerns for social issues, watching people and their varied emotions walk past, the ocean and unpolluted breeze makes this beach boulevard their evening hangout.

Something undefined by the mind swirled through our hearts as we said goodbye with folded hands, beaming smiles and moist eyes.

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  1. kangan badhwar says: Reply

    Birds of a different feather flocking together ,from Dadiji

    1. True. Birds are birds

  2. Nupur Chitalia says: Reply


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