What are ‘muditation moments’ ?

‘Mudita’ means Joy.

Unlimited, ever expansive – Joy is available at all times, everywhere. It warms our heart, silently whispers within, sparks up our eyes and shows us the miracles of life. In people, places, animals, nature, concrete, work, here and now, in our entire being.

The awareness of this joy actively flowing through the whole of existence bubbles up in many forms. Muditation moments are simply the expressions of this overflowing joy.

This joy is not a mood. It just IS the joy of Being Alive and perpetuates through the hardest circumstances we may be faced with. It gives us feet that tap to any catchy tune, makes us smile at just about anyone on the roadside, talk to animals, hug trees and gaze at the moon and sunset as if there is no tomorrow. Yes, it is the joy of NOW that holds this infinite power and potential to experience the richness of this precious life.

My dear friend Taruna came up with this fantastic expression ‘muditation’. Almost every time we met, we sat and meditated in some way or the other for some time. She very gently enquired every time we planned to meet in her melodious husky voice, “Are we meeting for coffee or muditation?” and we laughed endlessly.

We keep on experimenting with things around us and aspects of our own selves in the search for joy. Many of us try ‘meditations’ of all types. Soon to discover that meditations and practices of training the mind and body are simply tools to assist sensitize us to experience this omnipresent joy with just a little shift in perception.

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  1. Beautiful!!! So true.

    1. Thank you!

  2. kangan badhwar says: Reply

    Absolutely amazing Mudita ,your ability to live it is creditible but not easy ,hats off ,my sweet Guru!!!

    1. Thank you. Mothers are our first Guru. Guru within guides us all. Simple joy of living, to embrace.

  3. Supriya Kukreja says: Reply

    Lovely..the term “muditation” fits so well to what you do when you meet people….cant wait for some more of such muditationmoments…

    1. open up to these moments within your heart. all there Now 🙂 thank you

  4. Ohh La La ! This is truly inspiring Mudita 🙂
    Hope your ability to Live in Joy rubs off on me as well !

    1. Thank you 🙂 Just have Fun!

  5. Sushila Varma says: Reply

    Love the term “Muditation Moments” . So well put.

    1. hahaha the way it happened was hilarious!

  6. Bindiya Sawhney says: Reply

    Beautifully drafted message. Such a profound message in simple words. Look forward to more…………

    1. thank you so much 🙂

  7. The beaming smile you give and your twinkling eyes are muditatious indeed… From one Joy (Anand) to another Joy (Mudita)… Keep embracing life in its entirety, you will experience nirvana for sure… Great start… Lagey rahiye…

    1. Anand is all Here, Now!

  8. beautiful and true , now the challenge is to be ….BE !

    1. thank you

  9. Garima gupta says: Reply

    So nicely written mudita…Thankfully I am still “alive”

  10. Bindia Khanna says: Reply

    Beautiful Mudita!!

  11. lalita badhwar says: Reply

    beautifully written! God bless you!

    1. Thank you

  12. Your gift of nowness to all …Just Lovely!

    1. Thank you for your gift Now

  13. Thank you dear friend. Wish every NOW is a muditation moment for you…full of JOY, PEACE, ACCEPTANCE and COMPASSION

    1. Thank you so much for your warm wishes, back to you 🙂

  14. hina chitalia says: Reply

    very nice mudita , you really live the life & inspiration for us.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement. Lots of love!

  15. Now that I know the meaning of your name, I realize you live upto it ..

  16. Mudita and Taruna, doing fab work! thanks for doing Chachi’s piece too!!

    1. Thank you… that shall be starting soon, Inshah Allah!

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