The Magnolia Lady

Santosh Chadha Born in 1927, Lahore (Pakistan) The whiff of floral perfume, a gracefully draped sari, soft pretty hands, a beaming smile and piercing gray eyes – that is Toshi masiji for me. With a sharp eye for detail and appreciation of fine art, I have seen her and my father have endless conversations on […]

An Officer and a Gentleman

Brig.Tejinder Singh Born in 1926, Jammu, (Jammu and Kashmir) Brig Tejinder Singh or “Bapu” is my father’s eldest brother. He has been more of a grandparent to me than an uncle because he is almost 30 years elder to my father!  His mother (my grandmother) was just 17 years old when Bapu was born. He was […]

The Surgeon with a Spark

Dr. Harsaran Singh Born in 1933, Gujranwala, Punjab (Pakistan) A very dear friend of my Bhua’s (fathers sister, Dr.Lalita Badhwar) since 1991, Dr.Uncle (as I would refer to him) got closely associated with the entire Badhwar family in the year 1995, when he operated on Dadiji (my grandmother) for breast cancer. I have literally grown […]

Blossom of Kashmir

Balwant G. Singh Born in 1934, Jammu (J&K) I connected with Balwant aunty, who most graciously opened her home in Srinagar to our family while we visited, after having lost our own. The invitation extended year after year.  A strong and brave woman, aunty is a sister to two brothers. In her youth she was […]

Tea with Dadiji

Sukanya Badhwar Born in 1930, Gawalmandi, Lahore My grandmother, Dadiji (as I would refer to her), has been a source of great inspiration to me since I was a little child. We share a deep and special bond. Her words “Sunbeam , O sunbeam, Jesus make me a sunbeam” echo within my heart, and no matter […]

What are golden moments?

When hair turns white from gray, there is a charm of experience in the walk and the talk, where eyes twinkle like that of a child and decades of life have gone by. The grand years of loved ones, the golden years of life – yes, these are little notes with snippets of their lives […]