What are golden moments?

When hair turns white from gray, there is a charm of experience in the walk and the talk, where eyes twinkle like that of a child and decades of life have gone by. The grand years of loved ones, the golden years of life – yes, these are little notes with snippets of their lives and how they are such an inspiration to us.

One fine morning it suddenly hit me that the human body is impermanent and loved ones have to leave one day. Having grown to understand how life is such a gift, the urge to share more time with my grandmother (who I will refer to as ‘dadiji’) exploring and documenting things about her life that I have probably not known, was born. A concept we call ‘Tea with Dadiji’ emerged. From hosting an actual ‘tea time’ with her stories to writing on the blog – several ideas came up. A thought crosses, ‘What about dadiji’s elder sister? What about my friends old father? What about the other elder people in the family and beyond? How about all of us having an opportunity to do some exercise that teaches us, warms our heart? Let us be open to all and for all.’

On the same day, my sister (cousin) Aanchal shared feelings of missing our grandparents who have left through a very moving poem. Several calls went back and forth between Aanchal, my brother Satyen, my dear friend Taruna and me. Finally, the Golden Moments was conceptualized.

In weaving these stories, pictures and moments together we connect with what it truly means to rejoice and celebrate this life, now. Interacting with our loved ones links us with affection and regard, even if it is their memories in photos and recollections of time spent together. The listening and sharing can teach us so many new things, collapsing the time between generations. A heart to heart for the joy of it all.

If you wish to engage in the same exercise and share on www.muditationmoments.com, please email on muditationmoments(at)gmail.com.


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  1. Sunita RENJEN says: Reply

    What a wonderful and commendable effort by someone so young. This will definitely help to bring the kids and their grandparents closer to each other. The Internet and other such social media are of great help in increasing the intersections of a cross section of people known and unknown.Keep up with your efforts.

    1. Thank you so much Ma’am

  2. Bindia Khanna says: Reply

    Beautiful, Mudita! A great job being done by all of you, young, concerned and inquisitive minds to create something we will all enjoy and cherish

    1. Thank you and you are most welcome to participate!

  3. Lalita Badhwar says: Reply

    Proud of you! What a wonderful concept…. and these conversations will always remain with us! Love you!

    1. Thank you. Welcoming your participation too.

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