A Note from the Ocean

We met 11 years ago. Did not anticipate that through art and writings, a deep connection between us, shall grow. The strokes of his brush gave colour to many of my words. Today my friend shared this little profound note…..

Turmoil is long gone
Now the ship is afloat
Anchored down and without a sail
Every small piece of cloth is sewed

Waiting for the wind
May be a long powerful gust
To take me away
I am stranded

Was my compass wrong
Did I count a knot too many?
Or is it where everyone stops by
Are those the sirens that I see

The sweet sound of the raging waves
The smell of salt in the air
The stray seagulls
I miss them all

How long do I need to be here?
I can’t turn around
I can’t move forward
All I see is sea still

Clouds brew around
Never blow for my sail
I am alone in my stranded ship
Yes, this is what is called a hardship

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