Drowning into your sound
Reverberating through and through.

Eyes blinking,
jumping from here to there
Trying to capture everything, everywhere
Then they choose to close.

Voice ringing in monotone
At times tinged with excitement,
at other times sounding like a drone
She shuts up.

From sugar to salt
all consumed,
day in and day out
For now, systems are full.

Cool breeze and goose bumps
to flushed, over-clad winter warmth.
From sweat to heating up
Body does much to be at ease.

Mind playing hide and seek
crying, laughing, cheating, competing
Thoughts at the platform watched like trains.
Soon to startle – who was watching
was someone seated on the stationary bogie
of the parallel train!

Reading this she smiles
What does she want to say?

There is nothing to this “writers” play
Just some entertainment for us to sway

Then why all the words on these pages?
It is just the way we want to come out of cages
Imagining there are some “stages”

Untouched she watches Now play

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