Sukanya Badhwar (Dadiji) – The Inspiration behind Golden Moments

It is Dadiji’s 87th birthday tomorrow (February 16). Her strong presence and love in our lives is the factor responsible for the conceptualization of Golden Moments in September 2016. Since that time, six exciting stories have emerged with the participation of Aanchal Broca Kumar and Kangan Badhwar, as well.

We are extremely grateful to Mr.B.M.Pande, Dr.Harsaran Singh, Mrs.Santosh Chaddha, Mrs.Balwant G.Singh, Brig Tejinder Singh, Mr.Sat Pal Sethi and of course Mrs.Sukanya Badhwar – who have spared their precious time to engage with us for these moments with an open inviting heart. Mr.Sat Pal Sethi (Bade Daddy) left his body on the January 10, 2017. It is our honour to have his timeless presence in our hearts and his story on Golden Moments for us to share the joy of his life with all.

The experience of doing these stories has truly been wonderful, touching and enriching. Taruna and I have had this great opportunity to take part in and facilitate this fun journey. Our own skills of expression have also refined through this play and engagement. We welcome the participation of more people who wish to celebrate life with their loved one’s in their golden years and would be very happy to assist (email at muditationmoments(at)

As Dadiji’s was the first story to be born and initiated this whole process, we have now enriched it with more exciting and inspiring aspects of her life. From her brave encounter with breast cancer to a glimpse at the “writer” in her heart – her flow of love is unstoppable!

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