Cherishing time with Loved One’s

We are a close knit family and I have spent a lot of time with bapu (my father’s elder brother). However, after I got married, which is over 13 years now, I haven’t really spent quality time with him. It’s always been a quick lunch, a family function or a hurried cup of tea. When I did Golden Moments, with him, I got to spend that quality time with him. We spoke of our family, laughed at anecdotes, poured over old black and white photographs and got to know each other once again. I got to know him like I never did before. He was always ‘bapu’ for me, but that day as he spoke of his life, I saw him as Brigadier Tejinder Singh – a man with tremendous passion and zeal for life. I would never have got to know him if it wasn’t for that afternoon of lovely conversations and laughter. Golden Moments also made me realize that we need to stop whatever we are doing and spend time with our family and friends. We need to be with them and just cherish their presence.

– Aanchal Broca Kumar

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