One Wholesome Experience

‘One Wholesome World’ has been more than just a wholesome read – it is a book to be experienced. Flowing directly from the heart, extremely articulate and simply expressed. Journaling along and doing the little activities suggested at the end of chapters have been very insightful and revealing – I would refer to them more than often. The book is an excellent tool for people from all walks of life as it feels very intimate – like ones own deeper inner guidance! It provides practical and effective tools to live a life of fullness, love and joy. The read was light, insightful and very energizing. A great fun element was in the illustrations. Thanking Dr.Omkar Nath Wakhlu, Mr.Arun Wakhlu, Ms.Nitya Wakhlu and the entire process that gave expression to this fantastic Gift for everyone.

Interestingly, this book has led to ‘wholesome’ meetings with friends revolving around reading and working on the recommended activities togetherย that left us feeling deeply connected with ourselves, each other and our surroundings. Yes, most of us do have books that have impacted our lives in many ways and created powerful positive shifts. However, for me it was the first time that the impact felt through the read could very quickly translate into action in practical living – which would otherwise often fade away in time. Looking forward to many of us enriching our lives with this powerful tool.

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