Opening Channels of Love

I must say that I have had a wonderful experience in sharing these Golden Moments with Balwant Aunty and Bade Daddy.

Being in touch with them has been an enriching experience as it has revealed so many instances of their lives that I never knew about, despite being so close. Apart from all the ups and downs of life that they shared, their messages have been so inspiring – opening channels of love and happiness.

If it were not for engaging with Golden Moments, I probably would not have had the opportunity to meet Bade Daddy and spend that precious time with him before he left us all. Post this exercise, my friendship with Balwant Aunty has also deepened and we meet more often than before.

I am really enjoying being part of this.

-Kangan Badhwar

For Golden Moments by Kangan Badhwar, click below –


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  1. Kangan Badhwar says: Reply

    The whole idea of the Golden Moments had been so wonderful thanks to Mudita.
    The strengthening of our pillars from which we derive ,happiness ,knowledge and compassion has been an ever enriching experience of love and gratitude .

  2. Bindia Khanna says: Reply

    True Kangan, golden moments are ’24 carats’!! Well said!

    1. Kangan Badhwar says: Reply

      Yes dear they surely are Thanks!!

  3. and you got the moments captured in words so beautifully !

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