Revealing Golden Moments

My trip to Delhi was at its tail end. The other day, I overheard Dadiji (my grandmother – Mrs. Sukanya Badhwar) speak with Dr.Uncle (Dr.Harsaran Singh) over the phone to fix a meeting. The thought of seeing him lit up my heart and I barged into the room, “Please, let us all meet together, Dadiji. Let me know what time and day you have finalized.” 

In the celebration of spring, I wore my favourite scarlet red shirt and as we met in the garden of our home, Uncle and I laughed about how we were colour coordinated. We sat along with Dadiji over coffee accompanied by delicious dark chocolates that Dr.Uncle got for us. I excitedly updated him on what has been happening in my life and he gladly shared his recent stories of meetings with friends etc. It was almost as if I was catching up with a school friend. 

We noticed the red whiskered bulbul swoop over our heads now and then to reach the old palm tree, where she had babies to feed. “Look at their eyes, how innocent and loving these birds and animals look,” commented Dadiji. The beautiful spring danced all around us as Dr.Uncle recalled his gardening days in his old house. “I would like you to add one thing to the write up,” he shared. With much interest, I leaned forward to hear him out. He elaborated on how he has had three surgeries – of the gall-bladder in 1977, hernia of both the sides in 2003 and also varicose veins of both the legs in 2005. “I never took any pain killer, even right after the surgery.” I was so shocked to hear this. “Wasn’t it painful once the effect of the anesthesia wore off?”, I enquired. “I had full confidence in myself and trust in the processes of the body.” Awestruck, I shared with him how so many meditative practices aim at this equanimity towards pleasure and pain – and it is such a blessing it comes naturally to him. Talking with Dadiji and Dr.Uncle I learned how confidence and faith are such important ingredients of living a spirited life.

To know more about The Surgeon With a Spark or Dr.Harsarn Singh and also get some glimpses of the partition of India through his experience, click on Golden Moments with him –

In my recent meetings with Pande Uncle and Dr. Harsaran Uncle I realized how Golden Moments is not an activity – it is a process. A process of opening hearts and connecting. How the age of a person is not at all a barrier to forming a deep friendship. Even Dadiji and I have unknowingly recreated our bond in a way, to a more expansive one through these little exercizes and sharings together. I had no clue I was entering such an amazing space with Golden Moments. It is like a whole new world unfolding. 

For more of us who want to use this platform, it is important to know that this is not just about sharing inspiring stories. It is about knowing each other, initiating and nurturing a relationship – a friendship. It is about discovering new parts of your own self and those of the other person, seeing different perspectives, learning, growing and spreading the zest for life. 

Inviting more people to come together on this platform of Golden Moments – to rekindle and initiate friendships with loved one’s and others who inspire them in their golden years (75 plus). 

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  1. Deepak Kukreja says: Reply

    So beautifully expressed, must have been a heart warming experience without doubt Mudita… Its absolutely fantastic idea that you have thought of to reconnect and rebond with our past generations, to let them share their experiences with us and for us to share our love and respect with them…

    1. Thank you so much, Deepak. Am really encouraged by your participation and am looking forward to what shall emerge in good time…with your initiative.

  2. Mudita, I am so glad you wrote this. Sometimes we tend to isolate ourselves, and miss out on all the love and soul enhancing connections which heal us every moment and expand our life.

    1. Thank you, Salila. These are the experiences spontaneously being born out of Golden Moments – opening a whole new space of love, expansion and healing. You are so right!

  3. Such a pleasure reading your golden moments. Takes me down memory lane! Bless you dear

  4. Lalita Badhwar says: Reply

    Dr Harsaran Singh is an extremely ethical and compassionate person…. In addition to being a fantastic surgeon! I feel so lucky to have met him and connected with him as a friend! God bless him and God bless you for this wonderful project/process!

    1. Thank you so much and looking forward to more people being part of this process.

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