My baby-steps into Joy

“You will bring forth from Me, the Source and Wholeness of Life, new knowledge and wisdom, ideas and innovations which will serve humanity to be more free, peaceful, healthy, happy and more integrated. You will be harbingers of inspiration, integration and innovation in ways that will amaze all. The one thing I would like to underline for you is this: Joyful Action Now!

Act quickly as if today were your last day on Earth. Delay and avoid the distractions. Dump all things that take you away from My joyful work.”

– One Wholesome World

With Joyful Action Now, a whole new world of adventure, courage, confidence, creative expression, compassion and discovery burst open in my life.

Swiftly moving into activities that give me joy, have helped me pass through several clouds of delusional difficulties and distractions. There was a time I had no idea about what gave me happiness – engaging with my littleΒ Joyful Action Now is helping me discover new activities, people, places, hobbies, interests, and also gifts that have stayed dormant within for years. Most of the times, it was my own lack of confidence, limiting likes and dislikes that I associated with, fears, striving for perfection and procrastinations that created barriers between me and what I would love to do. One of the greatest passions rediscovered through Joyful Action Now – is that of expressing through writing and this led to and many more collaborative creations. Before I even knew it, joy started to lead my life.

Grateful to Amano who gave me the jumpstart for activities that warm my heart. More about Joyful Action Now is beautifully elaborated in One Wholesome World.


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