May Flowers in our Garden

Delhi (India) , May 2017

 by Deepak and Kangan Badhwar

The hot May season brings its own floral delight in our garden in Delhi. Despite the scorching heat and hot winds, we are lucky to have this oasis of colour. Our small garden is surrounded by trees which protect it from the harsh sun and winds. The presence of a pond creates a moist micro climate.

Cool water lilies and the mauve flowers of the pickerelweed give a burst of colour to the pond teeming with damsel flies, tadpoles and fish.

Our walls are wreathed with bright red and yellow tipped flaming Heliconia “lobster claw”. Along the beds are marigolds, vinca, jasmine and other flowers. The meandering path is edged with different bromeliads in full colour. Tucked in other corners are shrubs of ixora and hibiscus mingling with the fragrant gardenia. 

When the heat of summer is oppressive, it is a delight to sit in the garden and absorb all the scents and colours.


When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do, is rush to the garden to see the new blooms God has laid out for us. It is such a pleasure to see these meticulously shaped and coloured creations and breathe in their ever fresh scents.

The flowers have been responsible for my zest for photography and provide me with the daily food for the soul.


Note : The images in photo gallery are unedited to maintain the original colours for botanical reference

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  1. Beautiful, garden of Eden, Kangan Deepak! Standing by your pond one can’t imagine it is in the middle of Delhi, untouched by, the pollution and noise. Deepak the Bromeliads, heliconia and water lilies, transport you to an ethereal haven!

  2. wendy malette says: Reply

    Spectacular !!! The flowers are beautiful, and you look great !

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