Transcending Borders

Golden Moments for me was an exercise transcending all borders. Janine Khanna, Chachi, lives in the American Continent and me in the Asian. After frequent visits across continents, to India between 1964 & 2006, Chachi decided that she did not like travelling any more, especially so far afield. I despaired to think if I would ever be able to see her again, talk to her at length and share happy memories of the past times we had spent together. We were in touch on Skype, but it never seemed enough, leaving behind an unsatisfied feeling of incompleteness. Doing Golden Moments bridged all the gaps and distance. I got to relive all our cherished times together, and discover what an important part ‘Karma’ & ‘Kismet’ play in our relationships. Due to the format I was acquainted with unknown facets of Chachi’s life which brought us closer to each other. Though Chachi is a very private person and Mudita and I were not sure about how she would react on reading my write up, I was pleasantly surprised to feel that she was as touched and moved by my penned feelings. Though she did say, ‘Bindia you have praised me too much.’ I’m glad she is aware after this, what she means to us.


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