The writer’s dream manifests

On the 27th of August 2017, Sukanya Badhwar (who I refer to as Dadiji, my grandmother) released her books – In Woods of Life The Mirror Matures and Aahein. With the gracious presence of Chief Guest Padmashree Mrs. Padma Sachdev,  the books were launched at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The Woods of Life The Mirror Matures – view on amazon

Aahein – view on amazon

“Dadiji, you have to publish these writings. They bring tears to the eyes and are so deeply moving,” I commented excitedly when she read out some of her poems to me in the year 2009. Soon after, her journey as a writer that had started in year 1948 took a big leap with efforts to type, organize and edit all that was written over scraps of papers.

Right now, Dadiji and I are sitting in her cozy room with our faces glowing in the orange light of the old fashioned single rod heater. “Dadiji, did you ever think that your writings will be published when you started at the young age of 18?,” I asked.

With her hands clasped together, resting on her warmly clad chest, she responded, “It was my dream that I should become an author. Novice, and naive as I was at the age of 18, I befriended an American lady who was a friend of the known writer Pearl Buck. I did not realize that meeting an author would not make me one! Still, the passion of becoming a writer haunted me. I just went on writing. In 1964, a carpet dealer who was also a palmist read my hand and commented, “One day you will write a book which very few people will understand!”. Surprisingly, on my book launch there were hundred and ten people listening to the excerpts with rapt attention. I told you that every dream is fulfilled. One has only to take each step with full confidence. At the age of 87, my dream manifested with such great celebration and success.”

When we see dreams manifest before our eyes – which is actually every moment if we look carefully, we remember how life is such a miracle and every thought, every dream counts!

What are we creating in our lives?




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  1. Congratulations Sukanya auntie. ..and all family members.I am going to get hold of your books read them and then come and meet you .love .Mitra

    1. Thank you! Conveyed your message too… see you!

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