The Offering

There was a man who used to visit his mistress every night and take flowers for her. One day, a flower fell down and he did not deem it fit for her. Hence, he offered the dust laden flower to God. After death, Yamraj asked the man, “You have only one moment of heaven and the rest is all in hell. Where would you like to go first?”. Surprised, the man questioned, “For what action have I been granted that one moment of heaven.” To this, Yamraj said, “It is for that one flower you offered to God.” “This God is a big fool,” thought the man, “he gets pleased so easily!”. “Give me the moment in heaven first, please,” he requested Yamraj. Heaven was full of flowering bushes and trees. The man went on plucking them as an offering to God. Ultimately, he remained in heaven only.



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Late Mrs. Sukanya Badhwar
Late Mrs. Sukanya Badhwar

Author - In Woods of Life: The Mirror Matures and Aahein. She left us with moving anecdotes from her life.

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