A Karmic Connection

Janine Khanna Born in 1936, Brittany, France Married to my Father in law’s younger brother Rahgubir Kishen Khanna, Chacha to us, in the year 1964, she is fondly called Chachi (the wife of Chacha) by all of us. Born in the north-west of France, travelled westwards to the U.K. to meet her life partner, and […]

My baby-steps into Joy

“You will bring forth from Me, the Source and Wholeness of Life, new knowledge and wisdom, ideas and innovations which will serve humanity to be more free, peaceful, healthy, happy and more integrated. You will be harbingers of inspiration, integration and innovation in ways that will amaze all. The one thing I would like to […]

Revealing Golden Moments

My trip to Delhi was at its tail end. The other day, I overheard Dadiji (my grandmother – Mrs. Sukanya Badhwar) speak with Dr.Uncle (Dr.Harsaran Singh) over the phone to fix a meeting. The thought of seeing him lit up my heart and I barged into the room, β€œPlease, let us all meet together, Dadiji. […]